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Graduate School of Chemical and Molecular Sciences Zurich

Download of Form

Here you can download the form fill in for financial support. 

The duly completed form has to be sent to Mrs. Beatrice Spichtig

Financial Support

How to apply for money for visiting conferences and courses

The CMSZH supports your participation at conferences to present your latest results or courses (travel, accommodation, registration fee).The amount of money will be restricted to max. 500 CHF per student (per year).
 Please fill in the  form and send it to Mrs. Beatrice Spichtig before the conference / course takes place.
 You will then get reimbursed after the conference/course by sending your receipts to Mrs. Beatrice Spichtig, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry together with your account information.
 Be reminded that those of you who have a University contract, can also apply for money with the MNF.