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Graduate School of Chemical and Molecular Sciences Zurich

Prof. Dr. Stefan Bienz

University of Zurich
Department of Chemistry
CH-8057 Zurich

Phone: +41 44 63 542 45
E-Mail: Stefan Bienz
Bienz Group Homepage

Curriculum Vitae

Synthesis and Analysis of Silicon- and Polyamine-containing Compounds

Our research is primarily focused on the synthesis and analysis of polyamine compounds as well as on the use of chiral silicon moieties in enantioselective synthesis. A strong collaboration with the MS department allows us to develop new analytical arrangements for the analysis of minor amounts of spider toxins within complex mixtures — the access to larger amounts of such compounds is secured through our strong commitment to synthesis. Our goals are directed to specific targets for synthesis as well as to the development of new synthetic and analytic strategies and methods, thus challenging the whole breath of chemical knowledge.

The following topics are in the center of our current work: