Selected Publications

Mycobacterium tuberculosis drug resistance testing: challenges, recent developments and perspectives.
Schön T, Miotto P, Köser CU, Viveiros M, Böttger EC, Cambau E
2016. Clin Microbiol Infect: Epub ahead of print

Intrinsic rifamycin resistance of Mycobacterium abscessus is mediated by ADP-ribosyltransferase MAB_0591.
Rominski A, Roditscheff A, Selchow P, Böttger EC, Sander P
2016. J Antimicrob Chemother: In press

The structure-activity relationships of Spectinamide antituberculosis agents; a dissection of ribosomal inhibition and native efflux avoidance contributions.
Liu J, Bruhn D, Lee R, Zheng Z, Janusic T, Scherbakov D, Scherman M, Boshoff H, Das S, Raskesh K, Waidyarachchi S, Brewer T, Gracia B, Yang L, Bollinger J, Robertson G, Meibohm B, Lenaerts A, Ainsa J, Böttger EC, Lee R
2016. ACS Infect Dis: In press

Non-mutational compensation of the fitness cost of antibiotic resistance in mycobacteria by overexpression of tlyA rRNA methylase.
Freihofer P, Akbergenov R, Teo Y, Juskeviciene R, Anderson DI, Böttger EC
2016. RNA: Epub ahead of print

Standard genotyping overestimates transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis among immigrants in a low-incidence country.
Stucki D, Ballif M, Egger M, Furrer H, Altpeter E, Battegay M, Droz S, Bruderer T, Coscolla M, Borrell S, Zürcher K, Janssens JP, Calmy A, Mazza Stalder J, Jaton K, Rieder HL, Pfyffer GE, Siegrist HH, Hoffmann M, Fehr J, Dolina M, Frei R, Schrenzel J, Böttger EC, Gagneux S, Fenner L
2016. J Clin Microbiol 54: 1862-1870

Aminomethyl spectinomycins as novel therapeutics for drug resistant respiratory tract and sexually transmitted bacterial infections.
Bruhn D.F., Waidyarachchi S.L., Madhura D.B., Shcherbakov D., Zheng Z., Liu J., Abdelrahmand Y.M., Singh A.P., Duscha S., Rathi C., Lee R.B., Belland R.J., Meibohm B., Rosch J.W., Böttger E.C., Lee R.E.
2015. Science Translational Medicine 7: 288ra75

XBP1 mitigates aminoglycoside-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress and neuronal cell death.
Oishi N., Duscha S., Boukari H., Meyer M., Xie J., Wei G., Roschitzki B., Böttger E.C., Schacht J.
2015. Cell Death and Disease 6: e1763

Influence of 4'-O-glycoside constitution and configuration on ribosomal selectivity of paromomycin.
Matsushita T, Chen W, Juskeviciene R, Youjin T, Shcherbakov D, Vasella A, Böttger EC, Crich D
2015. J Am Chem Soc 137: 7706-7717

Synthesis and antiribossomal, activities of 4’-0-, 6’-0-,4’’,6’’-0-derivatives in the kanamycin series reveal differing target selectivity patterns between the 4.5- and 4.6- series of disubstituted 2-deoxystreptamine classes of aminoglycoside antibiotics.
Kato T, Yang G, Youjin T, Juskeviciene R, Perez-Fernandez D, Shinde HM, Salian S, Bernet B, Vasella A, Böttger EC, Crich D
2015. ACS Infect Dis 1: 479-486

Identification and evaluation of improved 4’-O-(alkyl) 4,5-disubstituted 2-deoxystreptamines as next generation aminoglycoside antibiotics.
Duscha S., Boukari H., Shcherbakov D., Salian S., Silva S., Kendall A., Kato T., Vasella A., Böttger E.C.
2014. mBio 5: e01827-14

4’-O-substitutions determine selectivity of aminoglycoside antibiotics.
Perez-Fernandez D., Shcherbakov D., Matt T., Leong N.C., Kudyba I., Duscha S., Boukari H., Pathak R., Dubbaka S.R., Lang K., Meyer M., Akbergenov R., Freihofer P., Vaddi S., Thommes P., Ramakrishnan V., Vasella A., Böttger E.C.
2014. Nature Commun 5: 3112

Spectinamides: a new class of semisynthetic antituberculosis agents that overcome native drug efflux.
Lee R.E., Hurdle J.G., Liu J., Bruhn D.F., Matt T., Scherman M.S., Vaddady P.K., Zheng Z., Qi J., Akbergenov R., Das S., Madhura D.B., Rathi C., Trivedi A., Villellas C., Lee R.B., Rakesh, Waidyarachi S.L., Sun D., McNeil M.R., Ainsa J.A., Boshoff H.I., Gonzalez-Juarrero M., Meibohm B., Böttger E.C., Lenaerts A.J.
2014. Nature Med 20: 152-158

Importance of the 6'-hydroxy group and its configuration for apramycin activity.
Mandhapati A.R., Shcherbakov D., Duscha S., Vasella A., Böttger E.C., Crich D.
2014. Chem Med Chem 9: 2074-2083

Synthesis, antiribosomal and antibacterial activity of 4’-O-glycopyranosyl paromomycin aminoglycoside antibiotics.
Chen W., Matsushita T., Shcherbakov D., Boukari H., Vasella A., Bötger E.C., Crich D.
2014. Med Chem Comm 5: 1179-1187

In-vivo efficacy of apramycin in murine infection models.
Meyer M., Freihofer P., Scherman M., Teague J., Lenaerts A., Böttger E.C.
2014. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 58: 6938-6941

Dissociation of antibacterial activity and aminoglycoside ototoxicity in the 4-monosubstituted 2-deoxystreptamine apramycin.
Matt, T., Ng, C.L., Lang, K., Sha, S.H., Akbergenov, R., Shcherbakov, D., Meyer, M., Duscha, S., Xie, J., Dubbaka, S.R., Perez-Fernandez, D., Vasella, A., Ramakrishnan, V., Schacht, J., and Böttger E.C.
2012. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 109: 10984-10989

Structure-activity relationships among the kanamycin aminoglycosides: role of ring I hydroxy and amino groups.
Salian, S., Matt, T., Akbergenov, R., Harish, S., Meyer, M., Duscha, S., Shcherbakov, D., Bernet, B.B., Vasella, A., Westhof, E., and Böttger E.C.
2012. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 56: 6104-6108

Genetic reconstruction of protozoan rRNA decoding sites provides a rationale for paromomycin activity against Leishmania and Trypanosoma.
Hobbie, S.N., Kaiser, M., Schmidt, S., Shcherbakov, D., Janusic, T., Brun, R., and Böttger, E.C.
2011. PLoS Negl Trop Dis 5: e1161

Molecular basis for the selectivity of antituberculosis compounds capreomycin and viomycin.
Akbergenov, R., Shcherbakov, D., Matt, T., Duscha, S., Meyer, M., Wilson, D.N., and Böttger E.C.
2011. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 55: 4712-4717

Phylogenetic sequence variations in bacterial rRNA affect species-specific susceptibility to drugs targeting protein synthesis.
Akshay, S., Bertea, M., Hobbie, S.N., Oettinghaus, B., Shcherbakov, D., Böttger, E.C., and Akbergenov, R.
2011. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 55: 4096-4102

Mutations in 23S rRNA at the peptidyl transferase center and their relationship to linezolid binding and cross resistance.
Long, K.S., Munck, C., Andersen, T.M.B, Schaub, M.A., Hobbie, S.N., Böttger, E.C., and Vester, B.
2010. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 54: 4705-4713

Single 23S rRNA mutations at the ribosomal peptidyl transferase center confer resistance to valnemulin and other antibiotics in M. smegmatis by perturbation of the drug binding pocket. Long, K.S., Poehlsgaard, J., Hansen, L., Hobbie, S.N., Böttger, E.C., and Vester, B.
2009. Mol Microbiol 71: 1218-1227

Genetic analysis of interactions with eukaryotic rRNA identify the mitoribosome as target in aminoglycoside ototoxicity.
Hobbie, S.N., Akshay, S., Kalapala, S.K., Bruell, C.M., Sherbakov, D., and Böttger, E.C.
2008. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 105: 20888-20893

Mitochondrial deafness alleles confer misreading of the genetic code.
Hobbie, S.N., Bruell, C.M., Akshay, S., Kalapala, S.K., Scherbakov, D., and Böttger, E.C.
2008. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 105: 3244-3249

Engineering the rRNA decoding site of eukaryotic cytosolic ribosomes in bacteria.
Hobbie, S.N., S.K. Kalapala, S. Akshay, C. Bruell, S. Dabow, A. Vasella, P. Sander, and E.C. Böttger.
2007. Nucleic Acids Res 35: 6086-6093

23S rRNA 2058A to G alteration mediates ketolide resistance in combination with deletion in L22.
Berisio, R., N. Corti, P. Pfister, A. Yonath, and E.C. Böttger.
2006. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 50: 3816-3823

Binding of neomycin-class aminoglycoside antibiotics to mutant ribosomes with alterations in the A-site of 16S rRNA.
Hobbie, S.N., P. Pfister, C. Bruell, P. Sander, B. François, E. Westhof, and E.C. Böttger.
2006. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 50: 1489-1496

The ribosome as drug target.
Böttger, E.C.
2006. Trends in Biotech 24: 145-147

A genetic model to investigate drug-target interactions at the ribosomal decoding site.
Hobbie, S.N., C. Bruell, S. Kalapala, S. Akshay, S. Schmidt, P. Pfister, and E.C. Böttger.
2006. Biochimie 88: 1033-1043

Mutagenesis of 16S rRNA C1409-G1491 base pair differentiates between 6'OH and 6'NH3+ aminoglycosides.
Pfister P., S. Hobbie, C. Brüll, N. Corti, A. Vasella, E. Westhof, and E.C. Böttger.
2005. J Mol Biol 346: 467-475

Molecular mechanisms by which rRNA mutations confer resistance to clindamycin.
Poehlsgaard, J., P. Pfister, E.C. Böttger, and S. Douthwaite.
2005. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 49: 1553-1555

23S rRNA base pair 2057-2611 determines ketolide susceptibility and fitness cost of the macrolide resistance mutation 2058>>G.
Pfister P., N. Corti, S. Hobbie, C. Bruell, R. Zarivach, A. Yonath, and E.C. Böttger.
2005. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 102: 5180-5185

Mitochondrial ribosomes as target for the macrolide antibiotic clarithromycin in the helminth Echinococcus multilocularis.
Mathis, A., P. Wild, E.C. Böttger, C.M. Kapel, and P. Deplazes.
2005. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 49: 3251-3255

Analysis of the contribution of individual substituents in 4,6 aminoglycoside-ribosome interaction.
Hobbie, S.N., P. Pfister, C. Bruell, E. Westhof, and E.C. Böttger.
2005. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 49: 5112-5118

Essential mechanisms in the catalysis of peptide bond formation on the ribosome.
Beringer, M., C. Bruell, L. Xiong, P. Pfister, V.I. Katunin, A.S. Mankin, E.C. Böttger, and M.V. Rodnina.
2005. J Biol Chem 280: 36065-36072