Technetium Chemistry

We are fascinated by the chemistry of the artificial element technetium.
Technetium is a 'man-made' element, however, the available amount and the importance of this element for society is often underestimated. Whereas the isotope technetium-99 (99Tc) is a long-lived (t1/2 = 2.13∙105 years) fission product in nuclear power plants (fission product yield 6%) and is of particular importance in nuclear waste management, the nuclear isomer 99mTc is a very practical nuclide for radiopharmaceutical applications. Today, 90% of all nuclear medical treatments involve 99mTc-containing drugs.

Keeping in mind that fundamental research is the key, without which only optimization but no innovative progress will be achieved, we are aiming at the synthesis, characterization, and application of novel technetium compounds (99Tc and 99mTc). In this way we create new possibilities for the development of novel strategies and applications, to solve the emerging problems in the utilization of technetium.

The following topics are currently under studies:

  • Technetium Chemistry
  • High-Valent Technetium Complexes
  • Novel Labeling Strategies for Radiopharmaceutical Applications
  • Development of 99mTc Labels for Nanomedical Applications
  • Novel Organometallic Technetium Complexes
  • Technetium in an Oxygen Rich Coordination Environment