X-ray Crystallography

The Linden research group is interested in a broad range of questions in Chemical Crystallography and single-crystal X-ray diffraction is used as the main investigative tool. Topics include molecular interactions and their relationship to structural properties; aspects of hydrogen bonding and how this drives the supramolecular and structural properties of materials; network and framework structures.


The X-ray Crystallography Facility and the Linden Research Group have the following primary goals:

  • To support the projects of the research groups in the Department of Chemistry by providing and maintaining a state-of-the-art small-molecule crystal structure determination facility, together with the associated expertise necessary for the efficient completion of analyses to a high standard.
  • To further the breadth and understanding of the structure and properties of molecular materials.
  • To ensure that skills and rigour in the art of crystal structure analyses are maintained through teaching of dedicated courses in the science.