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Graduate School of Chemical and Molecular Sciences Zurich

Physical Chemistry, Nanochemistry and Business Chemistry

Novel Nanostructures: From Filaments to Nanotubes

We have developed a new class of nanostructures, so called silicone nanofilaments (SNFs). Based on these findings we develop new nanostructures, e.g. silicone nanotubes.

Superhydrophobic and Superoleophobic Surfaces

Based on the silicone nanostructures structures we have developed we are applying SNFs to various surfaces to create superhydrphobicity and superoleophobicity.

Superresolution Microscopy: 3D-SAF

After developing the Supercritical Angle Fluorescence (SAF-) Microscopy we extended this principle to 3D-SAF resulting in a superresolution microscopic technique. The method is able to resolve the distance of molecules and particles from a surface down to a few nanometers.

Aggregation of a-synuclein at lipid bilayers

a-synuclein is the key protein involved in Parkinson Disease (PD). The aggregation of this protein in the brain leads to destruction of brain components. We investigate the process of aggregation in particular at lipid bilayers, i.e. a model for cellular membranes to shed light on the molecular process of aggregation and the interaction of the aggregates with cell membranes.

Valuation of curiosity driven research

The value of curiosity driven research, i.e. research without a (economic) goal in mind is persistently under discussion. We investigate research projects to learn how they deliver –beside the cultural and general knowledge aspects- deliver economic return.

Research and Market Analysis of Chemical Technologies and Sustainability Aspects

The knowledge about research is one side of the medal of innovation. In this project we try to connect current results from natural science with demand from different stakeholders in the market, e.g. industry and end consumers.

Virtual Company Concepts in Technology Economies

Virtual Companies are known to be a challenge for executives. However, applying this concept to research and development organizations has some attractive advantages. We try to develop these concepts further beyond the first steps which have been made in particular in pharmaceutical development.

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