Bioinorganic Chemistry in the Spingler group

We are working in two research areas: Bioinorganic Chemistry and Method Development of Single Crystal Growth.

In the field of Bioinorganic Chemistry, we work towards a more efficient Photodynamic Therapy (PDT). Previously, we have synthesized novel nanometer sized porphyrin-platinum conjugates. They display excellent light toxicity when irradiated with visible light, but essentially no dark toxicity against various human cancer cell lines. The platinum complexes are characterized by a high singlet oxygen quantum yield, an excellent light to dark toxicity ratio (>5000) and IC50 values upon irradiation with visible light down to 19 nM. We now working on systems that absorbs more in the red visible wavelength range.

Part of the group currently studies innovative ways of improving the crystallization of small molecules, which can also be used for the salt screening of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).