Travel Award 2023

The CMSZH Travel Award includes a contribution of up to CHF 2000 towards the cost of active participation at an international conference in the fields of Chemical and Molecular Sciences.

Travel Award Sponsors:

  • Will be announced in January


In 2023, the only prerequisite for participation is the acceptance of at least one peer-reviewed paper with first authorship. Out of this pool of participants, the prizes will be picked by lottery.


  1. PhD member of CMSZH (Deadline Defense 15.2.2023)
  2. Publication (i. e. acceptance) of one or more first author or shared first-authorship peer-reviewed papers in the period between 1.1.2022 and 31.12.2022.
  3. Deadline of application: 15.2.2023 at 2 pm.


  1. Send a short mail with the subject: “Application CMSZH Travel Award” with attached peer-reviewed paper to Maristella Gmünder (

Awarding of Grants:

  1. Lottery at 20.2.2023 in presence of at least two members of the board and a PhD representative.


  1. Allocation of a budget of up to CHF 2000 to the winner for participation at national and international conferences in the period 1.3.2023 to 1.4.2024.