Financial Support

Financial support for language coureses

In the first year of your PhD thesis you can get a maxiumum of CHF 500 for visiting a language course in English or German.

You need to present the original bill as well as the course certificate not later than six months after the end of the course to Maristella Gmüncer (Office38 H 10). No money will be refunded when submitting the documents after this deadline.

Financial support for visiting conferences

The CMSZH supports your participation at conferences to present your latest results or courses (travel by train, accommodation, registration fee).The amount of money will be restricted to max. 500 CHF per student (per year).

Before the conference:

After the conference:

  • Bring all original receipts and the confirmation of participation to Maristella Gmünder, Department of Chemistry, office 38 H 10 not later than three months after the end of the conference.
  • No money will be refunded when submitting the application after this deadline.
  • Please have your employee Nr. ready (Nr. on your employee batch).
employee batch

Financial support for printing PhD theses

The CMSZH contributes to a maximum of CHF 500 to your printing costs of the PhD thesis.Financial support will only be granted to students that have been participating actively in the CMSZH. At least the participation in one CMSZH retreat is required to be eligible for reimbursement of printing costs.

The following conditions must be fullfilled:

  • The Logo of the CMSZH must be included on the back cover.
  • The CMSZH must be mentioned in the acknowledgements.
  • One copy must be left with CMSZH.

The original bill must be presented to Maristella Gmünder (Office 38 H 10). The bill has to be handed in at the latest six months after the defense. No money will be refunded when submitting the bill after this deadline.