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Graduate School of Chemical and Molecular Sciences Zurich

PhD Administration Online-System

After matriculation at the UZH you will be included in the Faculty’s online tool:

Faculty online tool

This online-system for PhD administration covers the complete PhD process from start to graduation.

Milestones until graduation

In this system, you and your PI regularly have to manage the milestones of your PhD as defined by the promotion regulations. Each milestone has to be confirmed by your supervisor and the CMSZH. They will be notified automatically when any action is needed. After being included in the Admin System, you will receive a mail with your first tasks and the respective deadlines. A detailed overview of the required milestones and actions needed can be found here:

Milestones until graduation (PDF, 691 KB)

Graduation process

After your thesis is ready and all milestones are completed and confirmed you can register for graduation. The details of the process can be found here:

Graduation process (PDF, 410 KB)

Tutorial Publication of PhD Theses (PDF, 282 KB)